Medication Technology for Behavioral Health 2017-06-15T16:11:44+00:00

Medication Technology for Behavioral Health

MedicaSafe creates smart technologies to guide and track patients through high-stakes medication-assisted treatments, such as those related to ADHD, anxiety, depression, and opioid addiction recovery.

We help patients, families, and clinicians by furthering

safety, transparency, and progress.


What We Hear

  • “Thanks for checking on me. I feel like people are making sure I am continuing with treatment. It wasn’t like that before.”
  • “I’m happy with how the device protects my medication.”
  • “The pharmacy process is much more convenient for me.”

Where We Help

Youth Mental Health

Guiding adolescents and young adults through medication regimens for ADHD, anxiety, depression, opioid addiction recovery, etc.

Addiction Recovery

Supporting patients and families through outpatient addiction treatment and recovery.

Family Law

Documenting treatment adherence, augmenting family safety, and facilitating fair divorce settlements.