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Smart Dispenser

Guides patients with both usage reminders and usage limits. Medication “dose control” is intended to improve both patient and family safety.

  • The dispenser comes from the pharmacy filled and locked. You check in with MedicaSafe via web or phone to receive an access code.

  • Your dispenser reminds you to take the right dose at the right time.

  • Dose control technology limits access to a set maximum dosage per day, as defined by the prescription.

Logging and Reporting

Usage logs and consolidated reports help clinicians and families track treatment progress and find opportunities to help. Medication usage can be combined with lab results for a better understanding of patient status.

  • Each dispensation is logged by the device and periodically communicated to the cloud.

  • Tampering with or attempting to open the device is logged and detectable through treatment reports.

  • You may be asked to check in with MedicaSafe periodically to answer assessment questions about symptoms, etc.

  • A report showing dispensation data and answers to assessment questions can be provided to authorized stakeholders.